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Transform or maintain your outdoor space with beauty and elegance. Enpark Landscape Las Vegas services commercial and residential clients.

Landscape Design

Lawn Maintenance

Weed Control

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Irrigation Repair

50 years of combined experience

Landscaping Design & Maintenance

Landscaping is an art form and an expression of our personalities. Our team excels at transforming your residential or commercial space into a gallery of bright colors that reflects and represents your tastes. From planting flowers and shrubs to the installation of pavers, lights and patios, our company can do it all for a low cost. Inspire friends and customers with a beautifully executed landscape.

Irrigation, Patios & Pavers

Installation for these services requires precision and accuracy so that it gleams perfection. Count on us to meet your expectations.

Flowers, Plants & Trees

It doesn’t matter what type of shrub, flower, tree or plant we are tasked with planting. Our knowledge ensures we complete the task correctly.

Commercial & Residential

Our team is widely diversified and can tackle any type of landscaping project in a commercial or residential setting.

Reasonable Budget

Why Choose Enpark Landscape Over Other Companies?

Affordable Landscaping Services

We strive to keep our overhead small and pass those savings on to our clients. While some companies blatantly overcharge their clients, we provide customers with a reasonable price when it comes to taking care of their lawn and garden needs.

Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Since starting in 2018 with no employees, Enpark has expanded to a team of over a dozen hard-working professional landscapers. We have served thousands of clients all over the valley. We regularly maintain hundreds of commercial and residential clients.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Here at Enpark Landscape, we know that our clients are the core of our business. We understand that if we go the extra mile for our clients, they might refer a friend to our services. We always strive for and are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing

Residential & Commercial Tree Trimming & Removal

Our love for trees and nature is what inspires us to always do an incredible job. With over 50 years of combined experience in the tree service industry, our arborists complete jobs quickly and efficiently. We use today’s top methods and procedures to guarantee that our customers are satisfied. Click the button below to learn more about the tree care services Enpark Landscape Las Vegas provides.

Pruning & Trimming

Pruning and tree trimming are important parts to tree maintenance in Las Vegas. It helps to keep trees healthy and in tip-top condition through the removal of dead branches and stubs.

Planting and Transplanting

Planting is no easy task. With years of experience, our team ensures the initial planting process is done correctly in our harsh environment. We also help instruct on how to properly care for the tree once it has been planted or transplanted.

Tree Removal

Tree and stump removal is almost like a science. If not performed properly, it can cause severe bodily harm and/or damage property. Our methods are proven and will ensure that no harm comes to any people or any of your property.

Reasonable Budget

Our Additional Services

Residential Maintenance

Residential lawn and garden maintenance is constant work that needs attention to detail in order for your property to stay in pristine condition. Our landscaper crews will care for your property as if it were our own.

Commercial Maintenance

We provide an experienced team when it comes to maintaining commercial properties or those maintained by Home Owners Associations. Count on us to be there 24/7 to handle any task that needs attention.

Junk Removal

Everyone accumulates junk and will need it to be removed. Removing junk is usually a tedious and pain-staking task but we’ve got your back. Our experts will make sure that all your undesired items are removed and disposed of properly. It’s our job to make your life easier.

Holiday Lights & Decoration

As we always say, time is of the essence. That is especially true during the holiday season. We have installed holiday lights and decorations in some of the largest and most intricate areas of the Las Vegas, NV area. Our decorators are masters of their craft.


Our Clients Say Enpark is the Best Landscaper

“I had been a weekly customer for only a few months when I needed a quick touch-up for a party, A crew came out that same day and made sure my yard looked great at no extra charge.”

-Byron S.

Residential Client

“We use Enpark Landscape for maintaining the grounds of several small apartment buildings we own. They have always been dependable and their weekly visits leave our tenants feeling at home.”

– Margarita G.

Commercial Client

“Thanks for always keeping my grass and shrubs looking pristine. I never need to worry about the way my home is maintained on the outside. I just wish you guys could maintain the inside too!”

– Daniel K.

Residential Client