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6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Control Weeds in Las Vegas


This one is for our fellow Las Vegans. Here in Las Vegas, many weeds pop up out of the desert sand. Most of the city lies on the desert floor where the ecology sprouts many varieties of annoying WEEDS. Higher elevations within the Las Vegas metro area have less of an issue with weeds, but what about those at the lower elevations? How can it be stopped?

Don’t worry, even if the landscaping rocks your yard have been overtaken by these invasive nuisance plants, this article will give you some tips on how to tackle the problem and stop them for good. As with any landscaping project, it can be a big undertaking and requires diligence. So buckle your seat belt and get ready for some work.

Pulling weeds out of desert rocks in Las Vegas

Weed Prevention BLOCKING is Crucial.

If your yard is already full of weeds then this would be done after you clean out your weeds and rocks. We can’t stress this fact enough: The ultimate way to stop weeds is to physically block them with an actual barrier. Before applying landscaping rocks, simply cover the entire area with a thick non-woven landscape fabric. The thickest ones are best as they protect for years.

After laying down the fabric simply place your landscaping rocks on top of the fabric. Weeds will not be able to puncture the fabric and VOILA problem solved, or at least most of it. You will need to cut holes for plants. Weeds could still pop up around the plants but this is rare.

Manually Pull Weeds by Hand.

The most common and effective way to get rid of visible weeds is to pull them out of the ground by hand. Refrain from mowing over or breaking off weeds. This will simply cause them to keep growing. Instead, grab as low as possible on the stalk of the weed and pull up to pull out the entire weed and its roots.

If you have trouble gripping the weeds tight enough to extract the roots, you can get a special tool for weed removal in the lawn and garden section of your local home improvement store.

Use Mulch to Block Weeds.

While not as effective at blocking weeds as landscape fabric, mulch also acts as a barrier to prevent weed growth. Weeds thrive when there is water. Mulch keeps moisture longer, therefore you need less water. Weeds also thrive with sunlight, so mulch helps by blocking sunlight as well.

If you do choose mulch, it is a good idea to still put landscape fabric underneath for an added layer of protection. Use a rake to spread out the mulch evenly over the area you wish to cover.

Use Vinegar and Dish Soap as a Weed Killer.

Two safe and natural DIY weed killers are dish soap and vinegar. The natural acetic acid in vinegar will cause weeds to dry out, which causes them to die. When vinegar is applied to weeds it tends to drain off quickly. To fix this issue, add a dash of dish detergent to the mix. Using a spray bottle to apply the mixture on weeds works the best.

After applying the mixture onto your weeds, the water will be extracted from the leaves. The top section will start dying. After the first application, wait a few days and apply again to continue killing the weeds all the way down to the roots. Be careful not to apply the mixture to any non-weed plant or grass.

Use Salt or Baking Soda to Dry Weeds Out.

Salt is a highly potent drying agent to plants, including weeds. Salt can be added to the mixture from number 4 above or used alone. However, using salt should be done with caution. This is because the salt will remain in your soil after you use it. This will harm nearby plants or stunt growth of any plants you decide to place later. The same is true for baking soda, which has tons of sodium (salt).

Kill Weeds with Boiling, Piping-Hot Water.

As you can guess, boiling water will also kill weeds. As long as you don’t burn yourself or nearby plants, it is otherwise harmless to the soil and safe for future planting to take place. Boiling water is particularly useful for killing weeds in the joints of driveways and sidewalks because there are no other nearby plants to damage.

We hope reading these green tips for controlling weeds has been helpful. Weeds are a nuisance that can be stopped with a certain amount of diligence. If you would rather not tackle the problem yourself, consider hiring a professional lawn care technician such as Enpark Landscape here in Las Vegas.