A landscape can add beauty and significant value to any business in many ways. Most business owners take advantage of the natural beauty of the area to create attractive and welcoming commercial landscapes with the help of commercial landscaping companies.

Commercial landscapes are slightly different from residential spaces and their layouts reflect the fundamental values of the company. Professional landscaping services are specialized in commercial landscape design and create an outdoor space that combines beauty with functionality and meets all the unique needs of your business.

Commercial landscaping includes a full range of services including planning, designing, installation and upkeep of outdoor business spaces. It includes planting trees, flower beds, grass and other vegetation.

A variety of hardscape options are also possible, such as installing walkways, retaining walls, rain gardens, fountain systems, setting up an irrigation system and much more. It takes your commercial landscaping project from the initial design stages to the long-term maintenance plan.

However, it’s crucial for business owners to develop a strong understanding with contractors for the proper execution of their plan and make sure that their property’s value will increase over time.

Now we will list the 15 ways commercial landscaping adds value to your company and improves your business.

  1. Improves the Appeal and Market Value
    One of the top advantages of commercial landscaping is that it improves the market value and net worth of your property and business by adding visual appeal to an otherwise boring landscape. Enhanced and clean landscaping is one of the best tactics to make a good impression with customers. Many customers are not only interested in the business but also in how it maintains itself and aesthetics are just as important as the product you sell. Commercial landscaping adds to the awe of the property and increases valuations.
  2. Makes Your Property Stand Out
    Professional landscaping, clean up and maintenance services are only helpful if you want to improve your commercial property’s curb appeal. If you want to maximize your property’s grounds and entrances, commercial landscaping is your answer. It is a great way to completely overhaul the look of your landscape and can help to make your property stand out and build your image as a new business owner in the community.
  3. Enhances Entrances
    Colorful plants can make the entrance of your building more inviting and eye-catching. Stunning foliage is bound to draw visitors’ attention towards the entrance of the building and invites them to come inside. Take advantage of your building’s architecture and choose plants that highlight the entry points without overwhelming them, so visitors can easily figure out how to enter the building.
  4. Increases Productivity and Satisfaction Levels
    Many studies have shown that landscaping has a direct impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Plants and greenery improve the air quality in the vicinity of your building by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen which improves the health of your workers which leads to increased work productivity by about 15% and higher levels of workplace satisfaction. A work environment with a pristine landscaped lawn and natural elements has a significant bearing on the employee experience as well as customer satisfaction.
  5. Attracts More Customers and Boosts Sales
    Always remember that “The first impression is the last impression” and people have the tendency to judge everything by appearance, even if they don’t intend to do so. The visual allure of your premises can help set the tone for customer’s experience with your business. A welcoming and professionally arranged landscaping can play a huge role in attracting more customers and boost sales.
  6. Increases Client Spend
    In addition to attracting clients, a business with a well-manicured and visually appealing landscape is more likely to tempt clients to spend more time on your products and services. A business that’s properly maintained creates a positive impression that goes way beyond its beauty and can lead to an increase in revenue.
  7. Uses an Eco-friendly Approach
    When a business invests in commercial landscaping, it sends an indirect message to its shareholders and customers that the business is using an eco-friendly approach. We are currently in an age where most people are aware of the climate and environmental challenges. Customers give priority to the companies that adopt eco-friendly approaches.
  8. Gains Advantages Over the Competitors
    In today’s extra competitive market, most businesses innovate to gain an advantage over the competitors and commercial landscaping is a sure shot to impress customers and drive them away from rivals. A well-planned landscape is bound to deliver the psychological effect of ecstasy on customers who step inside your space. When you have an aesthetically appealing business premise, it will entice the customer to spend more on your products and they are more likely to continue the business relationship.
  9. Allows Greater Privacy and Security
    A well-planned and thoughtful commercial landscaping allows greater privacy and security and prevents nearby businesses to see what’s happening on your premises. Most customers prefer privacy and see it as a core value of the company with whom they are doing business.
  10. Saves Cash by Cutting Costs
    In the right type of landscaping, trees and plants are placed strategically to provide shade and a cooling effect during summers which improves the cooling system’s efficiency by 2% to 4%. The result is significant savings on summer energy bills which means direct cash saving for the business.
  11. Shows Value and Respect Towards Community
    Having a beautiful and carefully crafted landscape that stands out has a substantial effect on your business and community as a whole. It shows that you care and value the community you live in and boosts your community presence. Planting trees or installing fountains and benches for customers to sit on is a meaningful way to contribute to making your community a better place and can increase the goodwill and interest in your company.   
  12. Makes your Company Look Proactive and Detail-Oriented
    By implementing a commercial landscape design, your business can attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Everyone appreciates attractive spaces and businesses that take the time to beautify their outdoor appearance look more proactive and detail-oriented. Your potential client will automatically assume by seeing your well-maintained outer space that they will also receive the same level of care.
  13. Helps Keep your Property Fresh and Current
    Maintaining attractive grounds all year-round will keep your commercial location fresh and current. When a property’s outer space feels fresh and active, more people are drawn to it and are ready to take advantage of any opening that comes along.
  14. Sets You Apart from Other Companies
    If you have a real estate or retail business, you must use commercial landscaping to turn your outdoor space into a high-end commercial area. Your landscaping needs are way more advanced than just shrubs and mulch. A classy, layered and textured look that sets you apart from others will help your business thrive by attracting more customers than your competitors.
  15. Signifies Zero Tolerance for Slack
    A well-maintained lawn signifies that your business is really organized and has zero tolerance for slack that will send a positive message to your potential clients and make them more interested in exploring what your business offers.