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How to Choose the Correct Lawn and Tree Service


Searching for a professional lawn and tree service to perform some work around your yard? Consider following these tips to choose the correct service for your lawn.

A beautiful and organized backyard is an asset to anyone’s property. It adds a stylish look to the property that makes it stand out from others. Owning a beautiful lawn along with trees comes with the necessary responsibility and maintenance to keep them healthy and in good shape.

If your lawn has broken trees, pipes or other things that need immediate repair, then do not waste your time before the situation gets out of hand. No matter how simple or complex the work is, you should leave this work to a professional’s hands to avoid danger. Follow our guidelines to make sure you are choosing the right company to do the landscaping job.

Make Sure the Company is Legitimate

Find out if the landscape service company has a business license and whether they are insured. Anyone can purchase a chainsaw and plan an ad in the paper calling themselves a tree service or landscaper. This tempts people who want to make money. But lawn and tree work is very dangerous and needs professionally trained people with proper safety gear, rigging gear, license, and insurance.

Insurance Policies

One of the critical points you need to consider when hiring a tree company service is insurance. A reputable company will always make sure that they are insured for the security of clients. If the tree removal company does not get any insurance and when an accident occurs, their client will have liability for the legal and financial responsibility the incident comes with.

For that accident, you will be in charge of paying for the repairs and injuries. So, the insurance policy needs to be non-negotiable when selecting a landscaping provider.

Business License

You cannot obtain business insurance without any business license in the first place. When you are checking for companies to do the lawn work, always request them to give you a copy of their business license or look them up on the state’s website. For example, in the state of Nevada the website to lookup contractor licenses is located here.

Go with Experience

It is a piece of advice you should always know that whenever you hire a tree or lawn service company, you need to make sure that they have enough years of experience in that field. That is why they would know how to deal with different lawn maintenance possibilities and have the right equipment to back them up.

Always research the company that they are leaving the job to qualified people. Know about the types of equipment and gear that they are using.

Look for Safety Gear

The companies’ professional ground workers will use helmets with face shields or protective glasses and steel toe boots. The climber should have the latest climbing gears with saddle, helmet, glasses, steel toe boots and arborist climbing ropes. If you see someone come with a ladder, then you should politely ask them to leave. Tell them that you do not have the money to do lawn work.

Tree services will never use a ladder to do work and always use the safety and rigging gear specially made and manufactured with tree work rigors in mind. Lowering heavy woods will need a tremendous amount of friction and shock-loads the ropes and pulleys. This specially designed gear will keep the workers safe, your home safe and ensure the work will run smoothly.

Compare Apples to Apples

When you search for different lawn and tree services, you should always compare what they offer. If one tree service is offering extra benefits or services, then you should consider those offers. Felling a tree for a tree service-providing company is easy and needs less time, but it can cause serious damage to the property.

On the other hand, cutting a tree in small parts will cause less damage to your property, but it needs more time and passion of the workers. That is also an expensive option than felling an entire tree at once. By these points, we can determine the professionalism and presentation of a company. Just remember that costs are not everything, search for the correct one with the help of your instinct.

Use Caution After a Disaster

Natural disasters or whatever accident occurs usually brings con artists out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, this is where you need to hire a door to door contractor for instant recovery. For example, you have a tree lying on the house, and there is no electricity; in that case, you need to hire a nearby tree service. In this critical situation, you need to make sure they charge you a reasonable price.

Many companies charge high rates for simple tree removal projects after a hurricane, storm, earthquake, etc. You need to make sure that the company has insurance coverage and certifications of their business.

Be patient

Pricing is very different from one company to another. Some companies have specific jobs to pay back for other variants of jobs by bidding them with high numbers. Companies can be slow at some of their services when they are not rushed with offers, which can affect the pricing heavily.

You have to be patient when selecting them, and do not forget to negotiate about your budget for the task. But ensure you are getting the best out of that service; the prices are not fixed for any kind of tree work. Go for the companies that are experienced, insured, and well-equipped.

Pay When Satisfied

When you have selected your preferable tree service, the first thing to follow will be to never pay for any tree trimming project until you are fully happy with the results. There were many situations where homeowners paid for their tree servicing right after hiring a company, but they were not happy with the outcome.

The stump removal task has created many scenarios where the workers with the money for the whole deal never returned to work again after receiving the full cash. Just remember to pay the price when you are happy with the tree work.


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