Have you ever wondered why professionally maintained flower beds look so great? That’s because the planting beds are prepared in advance and taken proper care of. A beautiful garden with professionally maintained flower beds not only adds beauty to our homes but also attracts birds and insects due to a wide variety of designs, combinations and fragrances.

A well-maintained flower bed can make a huge difference to your garden, turning it into a space where you and your family will love to spend much-needed outdoor time. However, when it comes to maintaining your flower beds, most people are unaware and don’t know where to start to make their garden look visually appealing, clean, and healthy. But you don’t need to worry as maintaining your flower bed like a professional landscaper is not as hard as it sounds.

In this article, we’ll share some super easy tips you can use to make your flower beds look professionally maintained. Whether you’re a homeowner or an experienced gardener, these tips and tricks will help you create your dream garden that will make the neighbors jealous and leave a lasting impression on the visitors. Now, without further ado, these are our super easy tips!

·       Clean your Flower Beds Regularly

Make sure to examine your flower beds daily and keep them clean. Pull out the weeds and remove the dry leaves as it makes the area look unpleasant. Weeds can impede the growth of the flowers because they hide pests, compete with the flowers for nutrients and sunlight and eat up the space that can lead to the stunned growth. Keep your flower beds clean by regularly removing the debris, dead leaves, and other junk for a more maintained look.

·       Feed them with Proper Nutrients

Flowers need nutrients to grow, fight off diseases and reproduce. When flowers don’t get the nutrients essential for their growth, it results in reduced production, discoloration, and poor pollination. Flowers need six essential nutrients for healthy growth including nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, and calcium. Feed the flowers with all the nutrients required for their growth, health, and beauty.

·       Use Assortment of Flowers

To maintain your flower bed in consistently pristine condition, incorporate an assortment of flowers with different bloom times to keep your garden looking amazing throughout the year. Plant annuals to create an entirely different look each year, perennials for a quick pop of color in summer, and shrubs for spring blooms. The variety in your planting will not only make your flower bed look professionally maintained but also provides a habitat for pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds so you can enjoy more color for a long period of time.

·       Create a Theme

Try to create an interesting theme by arranging the plants with the same color or foliage for a greater impact and professional appearance. Grouping the plants in shades of the same hue together around a unifying theme looks appealing to the eyes. You can also place compatible colors side by side like yellow and purple or red and yellow. These colors will look good together and add a much-needed texture and visual interest to attract birds and insects.

·       Create an Edge

To give your flower bed a more professional look, use metal or plastic edging around it. Edging is the best way to make flower beds keep their shape and provides a division of area between the flower bed and your lawn. We’d recommend using a curved pattern while installing the edging as it will look more professionally designed instead of boring straight lines.

·       Choose Plants with Different Heights

To add more variety to your flower bed, choose plants with different heights such as short, medium, and tall. Follow a short-to-tall format and place shorter plants along the edges of the flower bed with taller plants anchoring the back of the border. This arrangement method works wonderfully if you want to create a professional flower bed with a distinctive front and back where all the plants can be easily viewed from all sides.

·       Combine Pots with Regular Plants

To make your flower bed look more interesting and professional, use colorful pots along with your regular plants to add some uniqueness and a splash of color to the landscape. Create contrast and balance and choose plants according to the size of the pot. Use simple pots for flamboyant plants and ornate pots for simple plants. Pots are the best way to enhance the beauty of the flower bed by making even a tiny blossom a focal point of your garden.

·       Use Crushed Stone

Crushed stones are often used as mulches to improve the appearance of a landscape and give an excellent ground cover in gardens. Crush stones create a fairly even soil surface, making your flower bed look more professionally maintained. The lovely white or gray stone will look way better than brown mulch or dirt and prevents turf grasses, weeds, and other unwanted living ground covers.

·       Repetition Trick

When designing your flowerbed, try to have more than one type of flower in a repeating pattern. Adding three of the same kind of plants in a grouping looks really dynamic as compared to the symmetrical look of even numbers. This trick creates cohesiveness in the flower beds making them look more professionally put together than a hodge-podge collection of plants.

·       Hire a Professional

The best way to maintain your flower beds like a professional is to actually hire a professional landscaper to do the job. Professionals are trained and have the required expertise in the area so it’s best to leave your flower bed to them. They will not only provide proper care to keep your flower beds in the perfect condition but can also offer suggestions to further improve your flower beds to make them last longer.