We have seen it a thousand times. The average homeowner has the best intentions when they plan on caring for their lawn every week. They plan to mow and fertilize their lawn, trim their bushes, pull weeds and keep landscaping rocks looking nice. However, life happens and this time-consuming task can be easily overlooked. Then, the task becomes even harder the next time around. This is where a professional lawn care service comes in handy.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services

So are lawn care services worth it? Will you save your hard-earned cash by doing it yourself? Possibly, but that’s not always the case. Things can and do tend to go horribly wrong with even the most well-meaning effort.  So with that in mind, we have created a list of benefits for homeowners thinking of hiring a lawn care professional over doing the maintenance themselves

Lawn Care Services Will Provide Professional-Level Care

While most homeowners are able to mow their lawn or trim their shrubs, they typically don’t have the expert knowledge in how to do it task the best possible way. DIY (Do-it-yourself) landscaping is usually not the best option because there is a science behind caring for a landscape professionally.

Similar to how an auto-mechanic knows how to best repair, maintain and care for a vehicle, professional landscaping providers know how to best repair, maintain and care for a landscape. The knowledge they have goes beyond turning on a mower and pushing it.

For example, one may not know the best height to trim the lawn to for the specific season of the year. The same goes for knowing how to properly trim trees and bushes for maximum health and growth. Fertilization is another example which causes a lot of confusion and if not done properly, could damage your lawn.

Homeowner’s Valuable Time is Saved for Better Things

Let’s pretend someone has a decent size lawn, overgrown trees and shrubs, plus it’s time to fertilize and spray weed killer to keep weeds from appearing.  This can easily turn into an all-day task. Especially when this particular homeowner does not keep fertilizer, weed killer or gas for the mower handy.

Assuming they are in need of supplies, start adding the time (and money) it took to purchase the fertilizer, gas, etc. Then factor in the time it takes to lug the lawn mower out of the shed or garage, get it gassed up and running. Then of course the time it takes to do the actual mowing, trimming, etc.

After finishing up and taking a shower, most individuals would have spent nearly the entire day doing hard work rather than relaxing with their family or taking part in hobbies they might be missing. Time is a high-cost item with DIY yard maintenance.

Maintenance Will Be Consistently Performed

Most homeowners go through a phase in which they will choose to perform lawn care and maintenance themselves. Whether it is to save money or for more exercise, things usually do not go as planned. While not everyone is the same, the actual chore might start out fine for a few weeks but quickly turns sporadic at best.

With a professional lawn care provider who comes to your house to maintain landscaping once per week, the rate becomes consistent. Instead of one to two times per month, your landscaper will handle everything for you and clean up the mess every week.

Accidents and Injuries Are Avoided

Some homeowners are quite the handymen and handywomen. Other folks, however, are more prone to accidents. Many homeowners learn this the hard way when attempting DIY projects at their nice new home. Perhaps they will accidentally cut themselves or unintentionally cut a water line.

Professional landscape providers are ones that are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Accidents are extremely rare in the lawn maintenance industry. However, if one should one occur, it is covered by the provider’s insurance policies. Plus, a homeowner’s safety is well-preserved.

Is Weekly Lawn Service Worth it?

After factoring in the cost of materials, upkeep, time spent and possible accidents, our conclusion is yes. It is worth it for any homeowner to feel the peace of mind of having a well-groomed landscape while not needing to hurt themselves or ruin their weekend plans with friends.