A well-maintained lawn adds curb appeal and increases the value of your home significantly. Unfortunately, the cost and maintenance requirements of such a stunning landscape feature can definitely dent your wallet.

Indeed, planting sod, mowing, watering, feeding, weeding, edging and aerating a natural lawn can be very time consuming along with labor and cost intensive. So, there is also a need for grass alternatives which still result in a beautiful landscape. If you’re looking for ideas for landscaping your yard without grass, save some money, time and effort with our expert tips.

Remember, it is always important to determine the use of your yard even before installing your new landscaping. For instance, will your yard serve another purpose like an outdoor kitchen, playground, vegetable garden or is it just for looks? How you will use your yard will help you choose the right low-maintenance landscaping that is in line with your budget.

  1. Use Artificial Turf

If you can’t maintain a lush lawn but still desire that green lawn, then install artificial turf grass. Artificial grass looks aesthetically pleasing in all types of weather and does not require much maintenance. There is no watering, fertilizing or mowing needed unlike real grass. It is also child-friendly and cheaper to maintain.

  1. Start a Container Garden

A container garden is a great alternative to a green lawn to add structure and style to your space. With container gardening, you can grow plants that may not be suitable to grow in your particular soil. With a container garden, you can plant anywhere and have an easier-to-maintain garden requiring little to no weeding. There is also less pest and disease control and quicker fertilizing.  Strategically place your container plants around your front yard to make your home more welcoming.

  1. Use Raised Planters

Take your landscaping to the next level by converting it into a garden with raised planters. With raised planters, you’re not planting directly on the ground but in raised beds. Thus, you can control the quality of soil and water drainage. Plus you can sit down as you tend to the garden. How easy!

Raised planters also use less water than container gardens and plants like perennials, annuals and ornamental grasses do well in raised beds. Create a spiral raised planter garden to increase the amount of planting ground whilst creating a focal point in your yard’s landscaping.

  1. Plant a Moss Garden

Certain types of moss can be very pleasing to the eyes when properly used in your landscape. They require little water and are very easy to grow. Maintaining moss is equally inexpensive. Moss grows back on its own even when it dries up due to lack of water. That means, you’re only likely to purchase moss once and it will keep re-growing in your yard.

Pull out your grass and replace with a moss garden for a yard that does not need watering or weeding to stay green!

  1. Replace your Grass with Gravel

Want a backyard that looks good even when neglected? Then replace your grass with gravel, especially where frequent drought and heat make grass impractical. These tiny stones look very modern and require no maintenance.

Pea gravel has been long favored for its smooth texture and amazing color variation. Use it to add visual interest to your driveways, patios, walkways and planting beds.

If you live in a high-heat desert area such as Las Vegas, however, this might not be an option for you. When gravel becomes too hot from daytime sun, it is very uncomfortable to walk on.

  1. Use Mulch

Organic mulches are a much more attractive ground cover while they still add nutrients to the soil. Don’t leave your soil bare. Instead, apply mulch like cedar bark chips for a rustic ground cover. It’s recommended to lay down landscaping fabric on the ground before mulching to prevent weed growth.

  1. Build a Patio

Outdoor living areas are on the rise. These spaces are perfect during the summer and when hosting. Bring your backyard to life by building a functional patio area. Add patio furniture and a few container plants and flowers for a dose of greenery. Your guests will be very impressed!

  1. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

A patio is great, but when an outdoor kitchen or a bonfire pit is installed, it completes your outdoor living space and increases the value of your home significantly. If you’re hosting this summer, consider gathering your guests around this outdoor entertainment spot.

Low maintenance landscapes are becoming more popular. Pass on grass and try any of these landscaping ideas! You could always contact a professional landscaper for further help.