Many tourists believe that Las Vegas doesn’t have many trees because it’s in the middle of the desert. Locals know that is far from the truth. Las Vegas tree trimming is an actual fact.

Assuming that your property has trees, be sure to properly maintain them. Trimming and pruning is done with tools such as loppers and shears.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should perform maintenance on your trees in Las Vegas.

Reasons for Tree Pruning and Trimming

    • Trimming reduces the amount of leaves that fall to the ground.
    • Trimming and Pruning makes the trees visually stunning and beautiful.
    • Pruning promotes healthy growth of trees so they live a long life.
    • Maintaining a tree reduces the amount of space it requires.

Some homeowners or businesses decide to do the trimming and pruning themselves. Others choose to have a certified Las Vegas arborist handle the arduous task for them.

For those who decide to do the chore themselves, here are some tips on how to do it properly:

General Tips for Performing Maintenance

    • Choose younger branches to prune.
    • Only prune the branches under 5 inches long.
    • Prune V-shaped branches and keep the stronger U-shaped ones.
    • Cut down and away from trunk to protect the bark ridge
    • Trimming and pruning is most effective in the winter rather than summer.
    • Avoid cutting off larger branches as the tree depends on those.
    • Cut branches evenly throughout the trimming process.
    • Trust a tree care professional in Las Vegas to do it for you.

For someone without experience, the process can be quite difficult. Trees are delicate living things. One wrong cut can ruin the tree’s future growth.

There are certain times of the year that are better for trimming trees than other times of the year. It’s best not to trim or prune trees while growth is actively taking place. But when does that happen?

The Best Seasons for Las Vegas Tree Trimming (In order of best to worst time)

    1. Winter: The least growth occurs, so it is the best time to trim.
    2. Spring: Very little growth happens and it is still a good time.
    3. Fall: Slightly more growth than spring but not as much as summer.
    4. Summer: The most growth happens during summer.
Las Vegas Tree Trimming in Action

A Las Vegas tree trimming professional is better suited to perform the entire task for you while maintaining the integrity and health of the tree. They know exactly where and how to properly make the cuts depending on the season.

Professional arborists trim and prune trees in a way that does no harm to it. Instead, it allows the tree to grow to its maximum potential in terms of size and beauty.

Attempting to trim a tree yourself during any season could result in damage to a tree if you are unsure how to determine which areas to prune.

If you aren’t sure what to look for, you might mistake a healthy area as dead or a dead area as healthy. One could easily mistake an issue which could cause the tree to die.

We suggest talking to a professional company such as Enpark Landscape to properly maintain your tree or perform other important landscaping tasks in Las Vegas, such as removal of a tree.