Do you want to know how you can maintain and care for your landscape in the winter time? Check out the methods below.

Care of your land is needed to keep your whole yard in good condition. There are many ways to keep your yard safe during the cold season. Those methods are very mandatory because they can prepare your property for winter. Many people leave their property as it is when winter hits; that is a very big mistake. You should avoid doing something like that; instead, you should prepare your property properly for the winter.

To avoid any damage to your landscape because of the winter season, you must follow some methods. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your landscape for the winter season,

Prepare Your Irrigation System

You have to prepare your irrigation system before the winter knocks on your door. You just cannot normally turn the irrigation system off for the whole three months of winter and hope you will get the best out of it. If you leave the landscape as it is throughout the interim, it will cause many future problems. Those problems might include burst pipes and broken areas of your landscape.

Even in the winter, your landscape will need water throughout the cold times, and it will be best to do the watering by hand. It is the best option if you live in a place where the temperature freezes during winter. Your whole irrigation system should be prepared for winter; you can try winterizing the system. To winterize the irrigation system, you have to blow out all the pipes to protect them from any type of external or internal damage due to freezing temperatures. Additionally, the backflow should be drained, and other controls and monitors must be protected during the whole season; you can get a professional landscaper to do this task for you.

Ensure The Safety of Your Plants

Caring for your landscape plants is also a great method to protect those plants during the winter season. Wild plants tend to pull into themselves to preserve nutrients to stay alive, and also they keep the essential parts alive during the season. It lets the plant survive during any type of cold temperatures.

If you want your landscape’s plant to be the same as those wild plants, you have to do some tasks. You have to apply mulch to the plants’ bottom and then apply mulch for about 2-inch layers around the plants and trees. It will let your plants save their water supply and keep the good temperature around their soil. That will produce good results for your plants in the upcoming spring. And lastly, get rid of any potential trees which may stack up snow.

Prepare Your Lawn

Cold temperatures have the potential to do major damage to your lawn. But if you take the necessary steps below, you can easily prevent it. These will prevent all sorts of damage from the frost and snow when they come in.

  • Cut the grass to about 2 inches tall to assist the plant’s growth.
  • Remove any kind of debris from the lawn and rake up any leaves,
  • Set boundaries for mulch to help the lawn have breathing space and avoid any type of dead spots of debris.
  • Let the plants oxygenate before the freezing starts, This will let the plants stay aerated and the soil will remain fertile because it pulled all the necessary nutrients and stocked up during the whole winter season.

These ways can prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter and you will still have an incredible landscape.

Protect The Outside of Your House

Outside of your house is also important to the landscape, and it needs the same care in the winter. When you prepare the outside of your house for the winter season using the tips below, you will get in less trouble the entire season.

  • Clean out any downspouts and gutters. It is easier to do when the snow starts falling.
  • Cover up your water spigots tightly until the entire season ends.
  • Check your landscape’s lighting because it brings an accent to your landscape, even if your plants are sleeping in the winter.

All of these tips will help you have a great outdoor experience throughout the entire winter.

Prune your Plants

If you still have not done anything related to pruning, now is the best time. Cut off any sort of disfigured or broken branches caused by the late winter season’s snow and ice. Unnecessary lower branches of your garden shrubs and the bad trees need to be removed in the late winter.   Pruning your plants also helps to point out any sick plants or dead branches, which might be very important.

Clean Any Surrounding Leaves from Your Landscape

It is also necessary to clean any surrounding leaves from your landscape in the late winter season because it is normal for the trees to shed some of their unwanted leaves to let them survive the season. You have to clean those leaves surrounding your landscape if you do not want a messy landscape. Additionally, you will face heavy debris present in the late winter, even if you had cleaned debris before the winter struck.


All of the above tips/methods might seem easy to do, and you have to think if you have the time to do it. If you do not have enough time to do all those methods by yourself, then you can easily hire a professional landscaper to do the task for you. Winter maintenance of your landscape is very important when you do not want any of your plants to die. Just follow all those methods, and you shall have a great landscape during the whole year.