Have you ever wondered how many shrubs can survive in the Las Vegas desert climate? Many more can survive than you might be guessing. To be precise, 178 shrubs are known to be compatible with the climate here.

What is a Shrub?

A shrub, which is also called a bush, is a plant which is small to medium in size. It is a perennial plant, which means it lives for more than two years. It is also a woody plant, meaning it produces wood as its main stalk. There are two types of shrubs: evergreen, which tends to keep its foliage and deciduous, which tends to lose and then regrow its foliage.

What are Shrubs Used For in Landscaping?

Shrubs are common in landscapes across the world. In Las Vegas, they are used to hide foundations, create privacy barriers or used as a backdrop. Besides these functional uses, they can also simply be used for decoration or to add contrast to the other plants or trees in the landscaping. Colors such as gold, red and purple can brighten up a dreary desert scene.

If you are planning on adding shrubs to your yard, the best time to plant them is in the fall. This allows the roots of the shrub to have ample time to become established in your soil, thus increasing the chance that your new plantings will survive. Also be sure to place the shrubs in a location that won’t block any windows or views when the plant matures.

Which shrubs are best for Las Vegas?

According to the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition and the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the following 178 types of shrubs can be adapted to the harsh desert environment found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Apache Plume Four-Wing Saltbush Rio Bravo Texas Ranger
Arizona Mescal Bean Fremont’s Barberry Rockspray
Arizona Rosewood Germander Rose
Autumn Sage Glossy Abelia Rosemary
Baja Fairy Duster Gold Spot Euonymus Sage
Barbados Cherry Golden Dewdrop Saltbush, Desert Holly
Berlandier Acacia Gray Gleam Juniper Sand Sage
Big Sage Brush Gray-Leaf Cotoneaster Scarlet Sage
Black Dalea Green Cloud Texas Ranger Scrub Live Oak
Blackbrush Green Lavender Cotton Sea Green Juniper
Blackbrush Acacia Greythorn Shadscale
Bladdersage Hollywood Twisted Juniper Shrubby Jerusalem Sage
Blue Hibiscus Houdini Texas Ranger Shrubby Senna, Shrubby Cassia
Blue Mist Spirea Indigo Bush Sierra Bouquet Texas Ranger
Blue Point Juniper Japanese Barberry Sierra Madre Sage
Blue Texas Ranger Japanese Boxwood Silver Cloud Texas Ranger
Bottlebrush Japanese Sago Palm Silver Dalea
Box-leaf Euonymus Jerusalem Sage Silver King Euonymus
Brewer’s Saltbush Jojoba Silverberry
Brittlebush Juniper Silvery Senna, Silver Leaf Cassia
Buckwheat Knifeleaf Acacia, Knife Acacia Slender Fuchsia
Bush Lantana Las Vegas Valley Buckwheat Snakeweed
Butterfly Bush Lavender Cotton, Gray Santolina Spartan Chinese Juniper
California Justicia Lavender Spice, Mexican Oregano Spiny Senna
Cape Plumbago Leatherleaf Acacia, Waxleaf A. Spotted Emu Bush
Centennial Broom Little Leaf Ash Squaw Bush / Skunk Bush
Chaparral Sage Little Leaf Cordia Sugar Bush
Chihuahuan Sage Littleleaf Sumac Summertime Blue Emu Bush
Classic Myrtle Lynn’s Legacy Texas Ranger ‘Sunrise’ Tecoma
Cliff Goldenbush Matilija Poppy, Fried Egg Poppy Sweet Bush
Cliff Rose Mexican Bird of Paradise Tam Juniper
Compact Jojoba Mexican Blue Sage Texas Ranger, Texas Sage, Cenizo
Compact Myrtle Mexican Bush Sage Thompson Broom
Compact Texas Ranger Mexican Cliffrose Thunder Cloud Texas Ranger
Cooper’s Wolfberry Mexican Elderberry Turpentine Broom
Coral Fountain Mexican Flame Turpentine Bush
Creeping Acacia Mexican Honeysuckle Twisted Myrtle
Creosote Bush Mojave Sage Utah Butterfly Bush
Damianta Mormon Tea Valentine Emu Bush
Desert Almond Narrowleaf Rosewood Velvet-leaf Mallow, Superstition Mallow
Desert Broom, Coyote Bush Nevada Jointfir, Nevada Mormon Tea Velvet-leaf Senna
Desert Milkweed Nevada Smokebush Virgin River Brittlebush
Desert Olive, New Mexico Privet Oleander White Bursage, Burrobush
Desert Ruellia ‘Orange Jubilee’ Tecoma, Orange Bells White Cloud Texas Ranger
Desert Saltbush Pale Wolfberry White Rockrose
Desert Senna Pineapple Guava Wild Buckwheat, California Buckwheat
Devil’s River Pink Beauty Emu Bush Winter Gold Emu Bush
Dwarf Bottlebrush Pink Desert Hibiscus, African Mallow Winterfat
Dwarf Oleander Pink Fairy Duster Wolf Berry
Dwarf Pomegranate Pink Indigo Bush Woods’ Rose
Dwarf Xylosma Purple Hopseed Bush Wooly Bursage
Dyer’s Greenwood Purple Rock Rose, Orchid Rockrose Wooly Butterfly Bush
Easter Egg Eremophila Purple Sage, Desert Sage Xylosma
Ebbing’s Silverberry Pyracantha, Firethorn Yellow Bird of Paradise
Eremophila Pyrenees Cotoneaster Yellow Rabbit Brush, Green Rabbit Brush
Evergreen Euonymus Quailbush, Big Saltbush Yellow Snapdragon Bush
Evergreen Sumac Rain Cloud Texas Ranger Yellow Trumpet Flower, Yellow Bells
Feathery Senna Red Bird of Paradise Yerba Santa
Fern Bush Red Clusterberry
Fire and Ice Emu Bush Red Justicia

Are you in need of desert compatible shrubs?

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