Some trends never die. Gabion is an early landscaping trend making a comeback in newly designed landscapes. Used since the late 1800’s, this design is primitive, yet still has a unique architectural beauty. Gabion can decorate the landscape in the front or back yard of your home.

Gabion, which is derived from the Italian word for “cage”, is a cube filled with rocks or soil and typically held together by metal wire. They are commonly used to create a wall of rocks. The metal wire helps the rock cubes stay intact. The cubes are then stacked on top of each other.

Gabion walls provide a unique look to the landscape design. The gabion landscaping design trend is becoming more popular than ever in the United States and other countries.

Gabion Landscape Design Ideas

There are different ways you can use Gabion to decorate the landscape of a garden or backyard. Some of these ideas are shared below.

  • The outside wall designs of a garden: Outside walls of a garden can be made of rock walls. Gabion rock units stacked with the help of metal wires is a famous architectural design concept. Many landscape designers use this concept for decoration. It not only makes your budget lower but also enhances the visual beauty of the garden.
  • A box-like structure for plants: A box-shaped structure using gabion can be used to house colorful plants and cacti. This is another decorating style of gabion landscape design. Anyone can plant trees by putting soil inside a small box-shaped gabion. Another idea is a bed-like structure that can be made using gabion to house colorful plants. For this purpose, plant selection is another important factor. It should match with this concept. You can even plant edible plants and vegetables inside for further functionality.
  • Bench and table construction using gabion: A dining place under the trees inside the garden is a beautiful setting. This concept is enjoyed by many people all over the world. Apart from that, a bench can be used for sitting and reading. It gives a rough architectural look to your garden.
  • The design of the inside path of the garden: A gabion creates the sides of the paths inside of a modern eco-friendly landscape. A gabion wall on each side of a path enhances its beauty. Stairs and sides can also be made using gabion rock units. Even the circular sidewalls of a fountain can be made using gabion.
  • Areas for sitting under large trees: Placing three or four side walls under a large tree can create a unique space where the entire family can enjoy fun times together under the shade of the tree. 


While form is temporary, Gabion landscape design proves that class is permanent. Nothing can match a Gabion when designing an affordable landscaping display with an eye-catching look. Gabion is environmentally friendly too. There is no need for any concrete construction. Gabion lasts for ages and requires very little maintenance. Gabion is easy to build and aesthetically improves the look of your yard or garden.